Two Language Translation

Enabling translation into two languages

A common team scenario is a channel where there are members speaking two different languages. For example, consider the example of a channel where some members speak English and other speak Spanish. In this channel, members may want all English messages translated into Spanish and all Spanish messages translated into English. There are two ways to achieve this.

Two Language Translation Feature

The is a premium feature available on the PLUS plan and during 30 day free trials. This features enables you to choose two languages when enabling automatic translation.

This feature is most commonly used when enabling a Translate ALL Messages rule, that applies the two language automatic translation to ALL members of the channel in question. Note that translations are only made when needed, so messages written in English will only be translated to a single language (Spanish) and Spanish messages will only be translated to English. But if someone posted a message to the channel in French -- an uncommon scenario -- then both English and Spanish translations would be presented. This feature provides a very convenient way to set up two-way translation for an entire channel with minimal setup effort.

Individual Setup

Effectively, the same two language result can be achieved by teams of the PRO plan. To continue the example scenario above, each individual English speaking channel member would enable translation of their own messages to Spanish, and each Spanish speaking members would enabled translation of their own messages to English. There is more setup involved, but once all channel members have enabled automatic translation, all English messages will be translated into Spanish and all Spanish messages will be translated into English.

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